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Uganda Birding Guides, Kenya Rwanda Africa Professionals

Please note that a knowledgeable guide is a key to the success of any organised birdwatching trip. And for independent birdwatchers with high expectations, hiring a local guide is highly beneficial if you are increasing the chances of seeing the less common and very localised species, contributes directly to the local economy and creates an incentive to the protection of birds.

Our guides are chosen very carefully on merit. They are personable, knowledgeable with interesting academic and professional backgrounds who have all the skills to conduct an extended birding tour professionally and to make sure every individual has a great time.

Our professional local birding guides have grown up within their areas of guiding (Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda), chasing after birds and small mammals as children. They have gone through Bird, Cultural, Wildlife, and general tour guiding courses and belong to regional guides clubs. In Uganda, they are members of the Uganda Bird Guides Club (UBGC), Uganda Cultural Guides Club (UCGC) and Uganda Safari Guides Association (USAGA) which is the umbrella association for all guides’ clubs in the country

Our Knowledgeable Birding guides fluently speak English, and there is hardly a question they are likely not to answer. They will guide you on your excursion, tour, safari to all the birding spots included in the itinerary and work to the best of theirs for every member of the group to see a specific bird at the spot. Their expertise guarantees leading you to sought-after species, hence an excellent experience.

We emphasise quality bird watching tours: The primary aim of our guides is to show you those birds which are remarkable and elusive; the likes of the endemics, restricted-range, endangered, vulnerable and threatened.

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