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Veronica Nakafeero

After studying a tour and travel course, Veronica was confident that travelling did not mean sitting in a beautiful office but being out in the field wondering from one place to another.

Her birding passion was catalysed by her brother Crammy Wanyama who often visited home and spoke about birds almost after every single sentence. Her lazy birding practice in the wild environments that she passionately treasured from childhood every morning picked up at a breakneck pace every time she observed unexpected bird behaviour. Veronica started joining nature walks and birding excursions that were organised by Uganda Safaris Guides association, Uganda Women Birders, Uganda Bird Guides Club, Nature Uganda which is an affiliate to BirdLife International and never missed joining the Avian Safaris’ scouting trips to the deferent parts of Uganda and Rwanda.

She has done several guiding pieces of training with USAGA and has been out on several field knowledge sharing practices with Crammy Wanyama and Herbert Byaruhanga who are some of the region’s most enthusiastic birders. Veronica leads Avian Safaris’ tours in Uganda and Rwanda.

Veronica is an actual result of the Avian Safaris conservation efforts through training women. She leaves in Kampala with her son