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Uganda Young Birders

Written by  Feb 25, 2014

Today, Uganda has up to 16 national and over 30 site level birding guides, thanks to Uganda Bird Guides Club for uniting these extra-ordinary activity service providers.

It has been quite a challenge coming up with amazing numbers and honestly it will still be in the future if we do not start engaging children into birding at early ages. Avian Safaris and other enthusiast stake holders, working together with Uganda Bird Guides Club have brought about the existence of Uganda Young Birders Club. Currently the club consist of only bird guides sons and daughters, but this is a very good way to start.  This guarantees a bigger bird guides club in Uganda come the future

We currently run a Facebook page for the Uganda Young Birders, please like it. Young birders pose for a photo after a young bird watchers excursion at Kasenge Forest one of the newly discovered birding spots in Uganda.

 Responsible Birdwatching

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