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26 Days Best IBAs of Uganda Birding Safari

26 Days Best IBAs of Uganda Birding Safari

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Uganda Birding Safaris

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Uganda’s being characterized by a wide range of vegetation types which include: Sudanian woodland in the north of the country; Acacia-Commiphora bushland and semi-desert grasslands in the north-east; montane and bamboo forests, health and moorland on mountains; medium-altitude and lowland forests along the Rift Valley and around Lake Victoria;and extensive wetlands and flood-plains in the Nile valley and around Lake Victoria. And the fact that it lies at the meeting place of five biomes of central and eastern Africa, each with a characteristic avifauna. These biomes comprise the Sudan–Guinea Savanna with over 22 Ugandan species restricted to it, the Guinea-Congo Forests biome with up to 144 species, the Lake Victoria Basin biome with 12 species, the Afrotropical Highlands biome with 88 species, and the Somali–Masai biome with 32 species qualify it to harbour up to thirty Important Bird Areas. This 25 Days safari, takes you to the most Important Bird Areas in the country.

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Tour Plan

Day 1: Arrival for Uganda Birding Journey

Arrive at Entebbe International Airport, transfer to the Hotel. Depending on the time of arrival, we bird Entebbe botanical Gardens or Uganda Wildlife Education Centre.

Day 2: Mabamba Wetlands to L. Mburo National Park- Uganda Birding Safaris

Early in the morning, we bird Via Mabamba Swamps for the elusive Shoebill, Some papyrus endemics, the African and Lesser Jacanas, the White-faced and Fulvous Whistling Ducks, Blue-breasted Bee-eater, Carruther`s Cisticola, The Black-Chested, Brown and Western Banded Snake Eagles, a number of Gull and Heron Species and other water birds species to

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