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Tonny Sserugga

Passionate Birder
Tonny Sserugga Birding Guide

Meet Tonny Sserugga born and raised in Uganda

Tonny Sserugga, the one with a perfect sense of humour, is a teacher by profession. A teacher who loves art a great deal and whose pieces have always been inspired by nature. Tonny has Crammy Wanyama to blame for abandoning his excellent job of transforming East Africa through teaching its people. After following Crammy’s social network posts, he believed these were the birds in their natural setting that he was meant to paint, he, therefore, started spending a considerable portion of his time in proper natural environments to get the best coverage of birds. In the process of wondering all over the country for the most exquisite paintings, birds behaviour dragged him to becoming a bird watcher more than a painter. He started tagging on to Crammy’s scouting trips and also joined nature and conservation walks organised by Avian Safaris, Uganda Safari Guides Association, Nature Uganda, Uganda Bird Guides Club and many more. He has completed several training on birding and nature guiding that have been facilitated by the Uganda Safari Guides Association. Tonny enjoys driving, showing and teaching people birds; his sense of humour has always left a lot to be admired by our clients.
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