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Prossy Nanyombi

Passionate Birder
Prossy Nanyombi Birding Guide

Meet Prossy Nanyombi born and raised in Uganda.

Prossy Nanyombi has been privileged from childhood! She was able to grow up off the towns where she got exposed to learning many birds by their local names. These birds, her tribe conserves in a manner of honouring them as clan totems. Keen prossy, picked birds by which trees and thickets they loved. After doing her diploma of tourism, she quickly looked for the section that kept her with nature which she believes is the home she can ever know and found her way to Mpanga forest. This forest is under the management of the National Forestry Authority and lies approximately forty minutes drive west of Kampala. At Mpanga forest, she practised birds, trees and butterflies as this was going to be her everyday life- looking at nature with visiting tourists. Eight years as a site guide at Mpanga Forest, she understood the forest and wildlife by heart. Through a few pieces of training with Uganda Safari Guides Association along with birding and nature walks with the country’s top naturalists, she has generated a whole lot of knowledge on wildlife.
Today, Prossy is the Vice-Chairperson of the Uganda Women Birder’s Club. She is outstanding evidence of changing the nation through equipping women with knowledge.

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