Senfuma Ibrahim
Bird Guide

Ibra Ssenfuma

Ibrahim Ssenfuma is a male Ugandan born in a village that shares its boundaries with the Mabira forest reserve, the only remaining and largest reserve in central Uganda. As a child, Ibrahim greatly loved the protection of birds. He recalls a few times when his mother harvested bananas, bringing some young ones in the bananas. You know some species, for example, the Mannikins and Sparrows, like nesting in them. Given my little knowledge, I would take care of them without success. That was the future bird guide.

Ibrahim started his lower education in the local community schools and completed his advanced level of education at Kololo High School in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda.

Between 1994/95, the then Forest Department (FD) trained me as a site guide. The areas of concentration were; Birds, Butterflies, tropical plants, Game and Primate Identification and the interpretation of the Ecosystems.

In 1996: I was recruited as a site guide based in the Mabira Forest reserve at Mabira Eco-tourism Centre. My primary responsibility was to guide tourists in Birds, trees, Primate Identification, and ecological interpretation. I worked with the Mabira Eco-tourism Center for six years. And I have gained knowledge and a deeper understanding of Birding, ecological interpretation, and plant identification.

In 2001: I completed a driving course and gained vital skills in defensive driving. I have been a tour driver since then with a spotless record.

I trained under National Bird Guides’ Club as National Bird Guide the same year. Since then have been doing self-guided research about birds in different habitats, identifying them by sight and calls. I have a list of over 950 species of birds ticked off Uganda’s bird checklist and ranks among the best bird guides in Uganda.

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