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Great Blue Turaco Great Blue Turaco

Mabira Forest Bird Watching Excursion

Jan 01, 2011

Tour Highlights

Departs: Entebbe | Kampala Tour Length: 1 Day Focus: Birding Key Species: Casin's Hawk-Eagle, Nahan's Francolin Expected # of birds: 50 Species Birding PaceModerate Physical DifficultyModerate Group LimitMaximum 8

Mabira Forest Reserve Uganda Birding

After breakfast, we head to Mabira Forest Reserve. This is the biggest forest reserve closest to the city center and it is home to a good number of forest species with a record of over 300 bird recorded. The forest has well established trails among which include the Red-tailed Monkey, Turaco and the Butress trails. Birds like the Nahan’s Francolin which is an IUCN Red list’ endangered species, Lead-coloured flycatcher, Buff-spotted Woodpecker, Yellow-crested Woodpecker, Fire-crested and Brown-chested Alethes, Forest Robin, Red-caped Robin-chat,Black-shouldered Nightjar, Wood Warbler, White-throated Greenbul, Little Greenbul, white-spotted Fluftail, Red-headed Malimbe, Scaly-breasted Illadopsis, Yellow-billed Barbet, Yellow-spotted Barbet, Grey-throated Barbet, Hairy-breasted Barbet, Yellow-rumped Tinkerbird, Speckled Tinkerbird, Yellow-throated Tinkerbird, Blue-breasted Kingfisher, African Pygmy Kingfisher, Shining-blue Kingfisher, Tit Hylia, the White-shouldered and Dusky Tit, Black-bellied Seedcracker, Magpie Mannikin, Green Hylia, Yellow-whiskered Greenbul, Red-tailed Greenbul, White-spotted Flufftail, African Dusky Flycatcher, the Red-tailed and Green-tailed Bristlebills, name it, live here and are waiting to be watched by your eyes.


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