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From experience, we have gathered how easily and over time, foreign birding tours can be easily tainted by local ground handlers! We have decided to emphasise the delivery of quality guided birding tours in the company of our partnering world birder colleagues. As Avian Safaris, we live up to our name in the field and take pride in our A-Class office team, which is not here to gamble—a strong track record of delivering outstanding birding and nature experiences. We are an established and ideal partner for your agency to deliver just like anywhere else your tours run.


Like all formal encounters, it is brilliant to understand each other acceptably well. Avian Safaris A-Class office team will swiftly engage you to understand your birding and nature tours concept to ensure delivery of a similar but unique experience. Together with your team, we will share the most appropriate itineraries for your clientele and keep up with the standards over time. Our team will happily share with you all that is of interest to you about Avian Safaris and how flexible we can get to ensure experiences extraordinaire and working relationships.


Quite sensitive! This stage requires attention to detail. Putting together a birding and nature tour requires a good appreciation of nature and some field experience. This is where we engage the most technical personnel that best suits your descriptions. This is healthy for the establishment of a long-term working relationship.


For the returning companies, your handler will be most pleased to look at your proposed itinerary. Usually, those can be perfect itineraries; if there is a need to make adjustments, you will discuss it further to include the most accurate adjustments. For first-time agencies, they will happily design and propose an initial itinerary with suggestions that best fit your traveller’s interests. This itinerary can further be discussed with you to the most appropriate design.


Even after tens of emails, something comes up. We love this stage. We invite a visual/vocal conversation. Sometimes, it helps to know if you can communicate well with one another and also feel sure there is a human being on the other side. There are questions to respond to, and the Avian Safaris team enjoys responding to questions and giving more detailed explanations.
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You inspire our Responsible Birding Dream. We have found a new strength in empowering the local communities. Similarly, it has been easy for us to realise the intelligent female birding guides empowering a nation. Avian Safaris prides itself on a good team of local young women and men who became excellent birding guides. Local knowledge is always handy.
We are determined to collaborate with you and support your Agency vision.

We look forward to teaming with you.