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24 Days Kenya Birding Safari for Globally Threatened Species

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Kenya Birding Tour – The variation in habitats across Kenya guarantees specific bird lists, making it a fascinating part of the world for a birder’s stop. Much of the country is open grassland to bushland; birds are relatively easy to see. This twenty-four days trip targets unusual status species in their top Important bird areas f the country.

We have carefully selected the prime spots for restricted-range and regionally endemic species for this tour. This is an ideal tour for a single or last Kenya birding trip for listers and birders who love seeing what they see.

Kenya has one of the wealthiest avifauna in Africa, with up to 1,132 bird species recorded. Out of which 9: Taita Thrush Turdus helleri, Tana River Cisticola Cisticola restricts, Aberdare Cisticola Cisticola Aberdare, Taita White-eye Zosterops Silvanus, South Pare White-eye Zosterops kulalensis, Hinde’s Pied-BabblerTurdoides hindei, Williams’s Lark Mirafra williamsi, Sharpe’s Pipit Macronyx sharpie, Clarke’s Weaver Ploceus golandi, are national endemics.

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