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Uganda Birding Tours with Avian Safaris. We emphasize quality-guided Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda birding Safaris. Affordable and educative customized eastern gorilla trekking adventures and nature tours fit for avid and novice birdwatchers. Find birds & wildlife with our patient, passionate & experienced local award-winning guides.

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Uganda Birding Tours
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Uganda Bird Watching Tours

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Birding at Your Pace Local Birding Guides

Great birding experiences require systematically cautious logistical preparations. Therefore, while designing Itineraries, our office team focus on clientele preferences. Our personable, passionate and knowledgeable guides skilfully emphasise quality birding in the field.

Birding Importance

Uganda Birding Tours – We pride in a fine team of locals, turned into excellent birding site guides. One hardly beats local knowledge. We know where the birds are and keep up with the trendy ornithological taxonomy updates. . 

Popular Birding Tours

Uganda Birding and Nature Tour

Dare To Explore

This Uganda birding and nature photography tour sees the most productive bird areas in the East African region. The western part of the country has a vast range of bird species worth considering while planning one Uganda birdwatching safari. We visit habitats for the Albertine Rift endemics, which are among the continents’ most sought-after birds and  the bizarre-looking Shoebill. The tour will cover a multitude of habitats from lush rain-forest, wild Savannah, to wetlands and swamps. The scenery is varied and arguably some of the finest in Africa, and the mammal experience will be great

20 Day Uganda Birding Nature Tour Birding Tour

Kenya Birding and Nature Tour

Kenya has one of the richest avifauna in Africa, with over 1,132 bird species recorded. 9 national endemics living in an inmpressive habitat collection. This tour cuts across, guarantees a water-mouthing list of birds and other wildlife. On this Kenyan birdwatching safari, we cover grassland to open bush-land where birds are relatively easy to see. We also see some of Kenya’s forest bird species at Kakamega/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Shoebill.
We should see the most essential biomes like the Somali–Masai, the large Afro-tropical and the small Lake Victoria basin species as well as a few members of the Sudan–Guinea Savanna biome.

19 Days Kenya Birding and Wildlife Photography Safari

Average Rwanda Birding Tour

Rwanda contains a remarkable diversity of habitats hence a prolific birdlife. The montane forests, Lake Victoria regional mosaic, elements of Guinea–Congo and Sudanic vegetation are the reason for the magic on this tour in this small country christened Land of a Thousand hills. Although Rwanda has no true endemics, this tour looks for a huge percentage of its Albertine Rift endemics. A few Guinea–Congo forests biome restricted-range species and the lake Victoria basin biome residents are among the targets to find on this birding our.

9 Days Rwanda Birding and Mountain Gorilla Trekking Tour

Exotic Birding Destinations

When exploring birding destinations, the choices are numerous. From lush breath-taking, pristine forests and vibrant open country savannah to water-logged marshes, our guides have mastered them and will find pleasure in showing you their birds.

Scheduled or Customised Adventure!

Affordable tours that will linger! Have a look at our highly recommended adventures, drop us an email and we will take it on from there.

17 Days of Rwanda & Uganda Birding Tour

Rwanda Uganda Birding and Photography Tour – This tour is set to cover the unique habitats of the western part of East Africa. These habitats are home to the region’s most unique and restricted-range species. We intend to cover the great Albertine riff for the montane forests birds and other wildlife, the mid-elevation birds at Budongo plus the open and woodland country gems at Queen Elizabeth Park and Murchison Falls Game Parks. Although there will be montane habitat coverage, the pace should be generally relaxed..

17 Days Rwanda and Uganda Birding and Wildlife Tour

Birding Guides

Prossy Nanyombi Birding Guide
Prossy Nanyombi
Tonny Sserugga Birding Guide
Tonny Sserugga
Veronica Nakafeero Birding Guide
Veronica Nakafero
Crammy Wanyama Birding Guide
Crammy Wanyama
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