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Birding at your pace with Avian Safaris’ Local Guides. Our Uganda Birding Tours suit avid and novice birders and are affordable. We emphasise quality-guided birding & nature tours to Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda. Our educative, customised birdwatching experiences also embrace Eastern Gorilla and Chimpanzee trekking adventures and Wildlife/game viewing safaris. Explore with our patient, passionate & experienced  guides.

Birding at Your Pace

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Uganda Birding Tours: We have found a new strength in empowering the local communities. Now we know that the country’s finest birders emerge in their localities. We have seen the pride in the eyes and felt good in the hearts of birders and conservationists as they freely interact with the local site guides when they know they are directly contributing to their livelihoods and empowering new conservation generations. Similarly, it has been easy for us to realise the intelligent female birding guides hence empowering a nation. Avian Safaris prides itself on a good team of local young women and men who became excellent birding guides. One hardly beats local knowledge.

We know where the birds are and keep up with the trendy ornithological taxonomy updates.

Birding With Avian Safaris

Birding at Your Pace

Great field birding experiences start with systematically cautious logistical preparations. Therefore, while designing Itineraries, our office team focus on clientele preferences. We assign you a patient, personable, passionate and knowledgeable consultant that skillfully communicates back and forth with you to come up with the finest field experience.

Avian Safaris office team loves every time the guides return and say the client said, “This was our best tour ever, and we want to come back with you”. 


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When exploring birding destinations, the choices are numerous. From very lush, breath-taking, pristine forests and vibrant open country Savannah to water-logged marsh habitats ranging from Sea Leval to 3600 meters above sea level.
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